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No Cutting Corners on the iPhone X

February 5, 2018   /   By Michael Cohen
Brad Ellis at Medium explaining when a circle is not a circle: Here’s where the nerd part comes in, iPhone X rounded screen corners don’t use the classic rounding method where you move in a straight line and then arc using a single quadrant of a circle. Instead, the math is a bit more complicated. […]

2018 Creative Trends

January 18, 2018   /   By Michael Cohen
Shutterstock is out with their creative trends for 2018. These design ideas to watch are based on search and download data to find the biggest year-over-year changes. The top three trends are Fantasy ("from mythical beasts to magical landscapes, symbols and styles"), New Minimalism ("beyond crisp, clean lines to feature bold, vibrant colors and fluid styles") […]

Why Good Old-Fashioned Physical Marketing Can Still Be Incredibly Creative

January 4, 2018   /   By Michael Cohen
Nicola Brown at Psychological research tends to suggest that constraints make us more creative. Ironically, the more creative tools we have at our disposal, the less creative we tend to be with them. In a recent experiment, researchers the University of Illinois and Johns Hopkins University found that those who were primed to think […]

Jony Ive's Perfect Magazine Is One with No Content

November 10, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
Chaim Gartenberg writing for The Verge: Apple’s chief design officer Jony Ive is something of a legend in Silicon Valley. He’s the man whose golden touch is credited with the iconic designs of some of Apple’s most successful products, like the iPhone, iPod, and iMac. But while Ive is very good at designing cutting-edge technology, […]

Why We're Starting a Print Magazine After 20 Years of Publishing Digitally

May 5, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
Paul Petrunia at Archinect We can satisfy our reader’s cravings while they wait for a render to complete, and still give them something more substantial to inspire and enlighten at the end of a long work day. As a publisher, we believe it’s our responsibility to not just entertain but also elevate and enliven the […]

Why Typography Matters — Especially At The Oscars

March 3, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
My first thought when the wrong film was announced for Best Picture was, why didn't the presenter's catch the error? Then the correct card was shown on screen and the reason became clear, incredibly poor design. Here's a great explanation: Benjamin Bannister writing for freeCodeCamp: I would imagine there are multiple redundancies so that something like […]

Still in Vogue: Luxury Magazines Defy Print Market Gloom

December 2, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Mark Sweney writing for The Guardian: Nicholas Coleridge, international president of Vogue to Tatler owner Condé Nast, said that content on a tablet or iPad cannot match the experience of that “magazine moment”. “It is very hard to replicate the physical allure of a luxury magazine on other platforms,” he said. “[It is] something to […]

Variable Fonts Are Coming!

September 16, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Sara Cannon at Range: There is a lot of buzz going on in the typography industry. It’s all about the introduction of Variable Fonts into our ecosystem. It’s being developed jointly by Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, and Google. […] But as Tim Brown mentions, we have a long way to go. We need designers to make […]

Technology and the Art of Maps

August 22, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Technology has changed publishing. And I’m not just talking about digital magazines or layout software or printing equipment. I’m talking about the what and why of its content. When I created a map for a magazine 15 years ago, for instance, it was extremely detailed. Every road was named, cross streets were included (at a […]

Blade Runner

June 23, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Dave Addey at Typset in the Future: After studying Alien in intimate detail, it’s time to look at the typography and design of Ridley Scott’s other classic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner. Another great film and another great examination of typography — the why, where and how it was used is great for helping us as designers self examine how we're using type today. There's […]
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