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No Cutting Corners on the iPhone X

February 5, 2018   /   By Michael Cohen
Brad Ellis at Medium explaining when a circle is not a circle: Here’s where the nerd part comes in, iPhone X rounded screen corners don’t use the classic rounding method where you move in a straight line and then arc using a single quadrant of a circle. Instead, the math is a bit more complicated. […]

The 3 Hard Truths Publishers Must Face in 2018

February 5, 2018   /   By Michael Cohen
Keith Sibson writing for Publishing Executive: Truth #1: Facebook Is Not Your Friend. […] Chasing platform traffic isn’t viable in the long term when it leads publishers to commit to a strategy likely to be rendered irrelevant by the next Facebook algorithm tweak. Publishers are left with large “audiences” they can’t directly reach, while being […]
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