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Chart of the Week: Ads in Legacy Media Are Still the Most Tolerated

May 29, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
David Pilcher at FreeportPress comments on a recent survey: Luxury brands know the score. So do big brands like Proctor & Gamble. And consumers have made their preference loud and clear with their massive adoption of ad blocking technology. Now Kantar Research is the latest source to confirm what is becoming increasingly well-known: consumers prefer […]

An AI Invented a Bunch of New Paint Colors That Are Hilariously Wrong

May 19, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
Annalee Newitz writing for Ars Technica The longer it processed the dataset, the closer the algorithm got to making legit color names, though they were still mostly surreal: "Soreer Gray" is a kind of greenish color, and "Sane Green" is a purplish blue. When Shane cranked up "creativity" on the algorithm's output, it gave her […]

Why We're Starting a Print Magazine After 20 Years of Publishing Digitally

May 5, 2017   /   By Michael Cohen
Paul Petrunia at Archinect We can satisfy our reader’s cravings while they wait for a render to complete, and still give them something more substantial to inspire and enlighten at the end of a long work day. As a publisher, we believe it’s our responsibility to not just entertain but also elevate and enliven the […]
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