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Why Print Is Greener Than Digital

November 21, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Will Glassman at Inspired School Marketers: Paper manufacturers have been recycling rags, paper waste and pulp for centuries. Modern pulp and paper making operations are responsible for planting 3 trees for every tree harvested. There are now more trees in North American than there were 100 years ago. Most paper mills are energy self-sufficient by […]

Spark 2016: Younger Audiences Read More Mags Than the Population at Large

November 1, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen
Bob Wooton writing for Campaign about the Spark 2016 event: There was new research from Magnetic, CV Research and Carat, developing and adding weight to the long-standing notion of the trusted, influential relationship that magazines, notably printed ones, have with their readers through their passions. Involvement and dwell time trumps even their own digital incarnations […]
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