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Wanted: suckers to provide content for Facebook

March 22, 2016   /   By Michael Cohen

Greg Krehbiel writing for his The Krehbiel Report on Publishing:

I’m still in Facebook detox right now, so take all this with a grain of salt, but I predict that in a few years publishers will look back on “Instant Articles” the way many of them currently look back on their decision to put content online for free. Both decisions will be seen as sucker moves from desperate and short-sighted execs who were fighting yesterday’s battles. […]

In any event, Facebook is kindly offering publishers a flashy version of yesterday’s business model (selling cheap ads against expensive content) so the publishers can give Facebook the raw material it needs to pursue tomorrow’s business model, which is user data.

Once again, publishers will be the suckers and kids with keyboards will take their lunch.

Greg is outspoken and he has an important point. Publishers shouldn't give away their autonomy and reader data for eyeballs. It's just not a long-term solution. / 855-MORR ART / 303-432-2922
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